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Welcome to
WGB's Web Space

...featuring things

that interest me

Welcome to WGB's Web Space

...featuring things that interest me

From here, you have access to each site in my growing portfolio.

You will find links to sites which focus on Admirals or Small Queens.

There is a BLog reporting my recent Admiral finds and more.


a random Canada Small Queen stamp image

Small Queen

a random Canada Admiral stamp image


Last updated: March 03, 2023

WGB (...well, maybe a few days ago...;-)

I'm a Professional Philatelic Consultant

I retired from full time work as the Mail Auction Manager for Eastern Auctions in Bathurst, NB a few years ago.

For a couple of weeks before the move to Bathurst, I was a retired classroom teacher of Chemistry, Computer Science, Science and Journalism in Truro, NS.

A Professional Philatelic Consultant is someone who enjoys looking at stamp collections and who can help with the sale or purchase of Philatelic material.

My Older Sites

...which are no longer updated.

These sites are quite likely to remain unsupported, but still have a few followers, so are currently being maintained for nostalgic reasons.

  • Small Queen CPV Project

    This was the original site which introduced my CPV numbering system.

  • Finding Images for Marler 1.0

    My first attempt at providing images for the descriptions in Marler's 1982 book.

  • Admiral Site Precursor

    A very primitive design with only a few plated examples... All data in this site has been incorporated into both of the later Admiral sites.

  • Matte Grid

    A very quick way to see images of stamps from the Matte collection numbered in line with his booklets. Much better images and more detail is available on the current Admiral Site ~ Marler and Beyond

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I'm stuck in the basement for the foreseeable future...