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A Rose by any other name...

Yes, roses have a place in the study of the Small Queens. One of my favourite ‘things’ are the Rose shades of the Three Cent c.1871-1873.
It might be interesting to see if it is possible to reproduce colour accurately enough to help beginners - and not so beginners? - get some of the various shades clarified.
(One of my pet peeves is seeing a 37b - Indian Red - with a squared circle cancel.)

by W. G.Burden

At some point - possibly quite far in the future - this site should become a bit ‘mature’ with new information added infrequently. At that time, I would like to prepare short articles discussing specific varieties or variety groups which are in need of a closer look.

In the interim, should fellow enthusiasts like to make available articles/discussion papers, I would be happy to host.

It is my hope that the speed that information, both visual and text, can be disseminated via this medium can help gather much of what is known about the Small Queen Constant Plate Varieties in one place.

Currently under discussion is a plan to add up to 10 known dates for each variety. More to follow.

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